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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

OMJS Graduation

Hey all!

This Sunday past was the OMJS graduation ceremonies... I, of course did not graduate however my sister is now moving to grade 7! Congratulations Jazzy Boo! We are all very proud of you! Soon you will be graduating OMJS and will be able to volunteer with me, her beloved athletic sister ;D I got flowers at the ceremony :) It made me happy. I am currently in the middle of doing my chemistry summative, which are big tests worth 10% of my mark, and I am also completing my law summative, which is a research project, and I have chosen to do my project on forensic psychology , which happens to be a very interesting topic. I am getting into biking recently, it is a very freeing activity, plus it keeps me in shape which is excellent! Time is approaching! Thanks everyone who is supporting me!

-Izze the soccer kid ^___^


  1. Congratulations jazz for graduating! And izze...writing is definitely in your future. You are a good writer!
    Live from the wet coast...
    We'll be in ottawa shortly bout poetically won't see you because we are going directly to devonshire

  2. That is so cool that you get to do school-work on forensic psychology..when did school get so interesting ?? Congrats to Jazz !!Hope to see you in Ottawa